The Story

If you’re here, you probably have questions. Me, too. But I’ll try to answer them anyway.


I’m Susan, and I’m incredibly vain so I refuse to claim my age, and I have one very patient, or possibly very stubborn, and likely just plain masochistic husband named Jon. Together we have one smushy little baby named Dane two fabulous kiddos named Dane and Hayden Rose who are pretty much all I write about. That, and the occasional margarita.


Well. We live in Raleigh and have for quite some years, minus the two years we spent in Copenhagen, Denmark (you can read about all the shiny stuff in Europe on my now defunct blog An American in Copenhagen). But really, I’m from Texas and Jon’s from everywhere. Also, did I mention TEXASTEXASTEXASTEXASTEXAS. I like North Carolina. But.


Here are the whens of importance in my life: When are my kids going to wake up? When are my kids going to nap? When are my kids going to eat? When are my kids going to bed? And finally, when is cocktail hour?


If I have to answer that question, you’re either too young to be reading my blog or you’re not going to like what you find here.


I’m a writer who used to be an engineer. If you want to know more about me as a writer, you can visit The Crazy’s Roughneck’s Daughter, but since Dane was born (2010-ish), I haven’t done so much any writing. I started blogging (very inconsistently) and discovered it was therapeutic during my high anxiety postpartum days and next thing I knew I was addicted. So here, lucky reader, are all things snarky about motherhood coupled with a few funny anecdotes about my sister, my husband and the rest of the universe. Enjoy.

Contact… me at suzy016 (at) hotmail (dot) com



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