Easter Monday and Whatnot

So, in addition to being in a food coma from this weekend (and also from today, in which I ate not one but THREE chocolate mini bunnies), I’m behind on, like, 80% of my life. Part of that 80% belongs to the federal government. This means that instead of my usual wordy wordiness, today I present:


Subtitled: Because Words Are More Effective When I’ve Got Some That Other People Want to Read (Instead of Bitching About my Taxes and Stomachache and Calling it Good)

Henceforth, from Dane’s first Easter egg hunt at our neighbor’s house last Friday, in which the eighty degree weather we’ve had for all of March dropped to 40 and sucking:

Dis’? Dis’?

Um, Mommy. You know it’s raining, right?

Photoshop, Mommy. Look into it.

And finally:


Smooch -s


6 thoughts on “Easter Monday and Whatnot

    • i feel you. i actually called for appointments this week and then chickened out. but if we don’t cut it before it’s time to go to the pool in a few weeks, i’m going to have to put it in a ponytail for the water, and his father might finally draw the line on me. sigh.


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