I Love You, Ric Ocasek


Why, hello there.

HELLO, again.

Yep. Hello, again, indeed.

Did you miss us? I really meant it when I said I’d only be gone a few weeks. A month at the most. But then one thing happened, and then something else, and something else, and next thing I knew it was Dane’s birthday and I still hadn’t figured out this whole wordpress business (working on that, stay with me!), and then somebody went and taught my baby how to WALK and then, God forbid, CLIMB STAIRS, and suddenly I’m chasing around a two-foot-tall whirling dervish and installing all sorts of ridiculous safety equipment with no words in the instruction booklet, and Thanksgiving happened, and then Christmas, and now all the sudden I’m up ten pounds and two thousand toys and out half of our life savings, and sweet loving bejeezus, what happened to the last six months. You’ll be be thrilled to know, however, that some things never change: Instead of napping, Dane is having a WWE smackdown with Puppy in his crib. For an HOUR. And he’s SICK. Dane, not Puppy. So, you know. AWESOME.
Other things that have happened since we last powed the wow:

1. Dane’s one. ONE, PEOPLE. Actually, he’s fifteen months, but every time I think of that many months behind us my head starts to spin in EXACTLY the same way as the girl from the Exorcist, and if you are too young to get that reference, KINDLY EXIT THIS BLOG.

1b. Also, my birthday is tomorrow.

1c. Why no, I’m not excited about it. I appreciate your noticing. Excuse me while I go have some more cookie dough.

Yes, that pretty much sums it up.

So these are my fancy new digs, from which I am still trying to figure out how to suck every last morsel. I have lots more to add around here – curtains? Pillow covers? A wet bar? – so forgive me if it’s messy from time to time. Amazon hasn’t delivered my label maker yet (no, that’s not a joke. It should be here tomorrow).

For reals, y’all, we missed you. Because that baby up there? He’s something else.

Smooch -s

p.s. Yes, I had to look up how to spell “Ocasek.” Totally not what I expected, and Aunt Brookie and I were both 1st grade spelling champeeeeens.

p.p.s. Did I mention this?

Now I’m just showing off. 🙂



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