Is it Friday Yet?

I swear I’ve had fourteen really clever posts this week, but they’ve all happened while I’ve been doing something else of import (feeding Dane, for example, or cleaning out the garage, or scrubbing the baseboards with a toothbrush), and by the time I get done doing whatever it is I’m doing, they’ve gone the way of socks in the dryer or those stupid soothies pacifiers. So instead, here’s a really cute photo of Dane from our latest photo session. I’ve got more stuff to say, I swear I do. Only first, I’ve got to go to the beach, get really sunburned, build a giant sandcastle to plonk my baby on and perhaps even drink an adult beverage (or ten) (a night) (after Dane goes to bed, I SWEAR) (okay, maybe one before) (LOOK AWAY, BABY COPS. LOOK AWAY.).

Also, yay, I got to use plonk as a verb. Regardless:

Look Mommy! Blinds! Lampshades! A CEILING FAN! MADNESS.


p.s. Jon just brought me the video monitor and our sweet baby is sleeping with Puppy on his head. Madness, indeed. Who is Puppy, you ask? Oh yes:

Jellycat, Jell-ycat, HOW I love eating you…

And a Friends reference to boot. Quite a day, peeps. Quite a day.


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