Rockin’ the Baby

I’m having a rough blogging week. Apologies; my family is descending en force  (ooohhh, I sound all frenchy there) on Friday, and I’m busy obsessing over my carpet and the dust on top of my refrigerator. But I do love this link-up from Shell at Things I Can’t Say, called Rockin’ the Baby. There are smushy pics! And prizes! And more smushies! And links to other fun blogs! How could I resist? Go check it out.

So here are my Rockin’ the Baby photos of our sweetsmushytinyoftennonnappingangelbaby:

Day 1: Uhhh… lady, do I know you?

Day 2: WHAT, already?

Day 19: Whatup with the headgear, Mommy?

Day 24: Kermit THE Frog here, reporting from the living room floor…

(Yes, I’m a total dork. What?)

And one more irresistable if slightly blurry Iphone pic because OH MY GOD I COULD EAT THAT BABY.

I should also let y’all in on the fact that those first three pics are courtesy of the fabulous Elizabeth Morrison of Elizabeth Morrison Photography in Charlotte, NC. Go find her.


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