Today in the Mommyhood, Day 239

I’ve been on a profanity kick lately. It’s like I’ve emerged from the newborn-first-time-mommyhood stage and regressed all the through my (early) thirties and twenties and gone right back to college. Which should be fun, except in college I could drink more than one beer without feeling like someone was banging on my brain with a ball-peen hammer. But I digress:

Today in the mommyhood, at a really fun lunch with really bad service, in which Dane sat up in a high chair for the first time and was totally digging it, too, I dropped a massive – and I mean, MASSIVE – f-bomb in front of one friend’s nine-year-old daughter and another’s five-year-old son.

NICE, Su-Su.

Mommyhood 1 – Mommy Su-Su 0

On the other hand, the cuteness of this is not to be denied:

Mmmmm, Mommy, that brisket looks GOOD.
I’ll take the credit for that, thank you very much.
Mommyhood 0 – Mommy Su-Su 1


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