Raisins of Unusual Sizes

Riddle me this, batmommies, authors of What to Expect the First Year and designers of Jeffers & Mann Pediatrics developmental assessment:

How am I supposed to know if my baby can consistently rake a small object (like a raisin) up with his hand, and then thumb and forefinger, when I rightly do not allow such items, also known as CHOKING HAZARDS, around my child?

And the mommyhood stumps me yet again.


2 thoughts on “Raisins of Unusual Sizes

  1. Here's another riddle:How am I supposed to feed my child at least every 3 hours (and said feeding takes 40 minutes), yet make sure she doesn't stay awake for longer than 2 hours at a time?

  2. Ah, the pincher grasp. It is so fleeting, but yeah, just another one of those litmus tests. Love your blog! What a humorous take on mommyhood! Good luck with making your own baby food. Thanks for stopping by my blog for SITS day!


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